Momeasy Slim Neck Silicone Nipples -2pcs

35587M Brand: Momeasy Category: Nipple & Teats
  • 220.00 BDT
Sku 35587M
Brand Momeasy
Category Nipple & Teats
Weight 0.04Kg
Refundable Yes

Key Features:

  • Package includes 2 high-quality silicone nipples
  • Slim neck design mimics natural breast shape for easy latch-on
  • Made from safe and BPA-free silicone material
  • Available in different flow rates to suit baby's needs
  • Anti-colic vents reduce air intake and discomfort during feeding
  • Prioritizes baby's feeding comfort and development


Momeasy Slim Neck Silicone Nipples - a reliable choice for seamless and comfortable baby feeding. This package includes two silicone nipples, thoughtfully designed to ensure a natural and soothing feeding experience.

Crafted with care, the Momeasy Slim Neck Silicone Nipples are made from high-quality, BPA-free silicone material that ensures the safety of your baby. The slim neck design mimics the natural breast shape, promoting easy latch-on and a comfortable feeding process.

The nipples are available in different flow rates to accommodate your baby's growth and needs. Their anti-colic vents help prevent excessive air intake, reducing discomfort during feeding.

Prioritize your baby's feeding comfort with Momeasy Slim Neck Silicone Nipples. Provide a nourishing and stress-free feeding experience that supports your baby's development. Order now and experience the convenience and quality firsthand!

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