Kodomo Bottle And Accessories Cleanser - Refill 700ml

1953R Brand: Kodomo Category: Bottle Wash & Cleanser
  • 490.00 BDT
Sku 1953R
Brand Kodomo
Category Bottle Wash & Cleanser
Unit 1 (pcs)
Weight 0.75Kg
Variation No
Refundable Yes

Kodomo Bottle And Accessories Cleanser

Natural ingredients are good for cleaning bottles, nipples, toys, and infant items. Also good for fruits and vegetable washing.

  • Effectively removes bacteria, milk stain and odor in baby bottles, nipples, toys, and other infant accessories to maintain a high degree of cleanliness

  • Made from natural ingredients that are mild & gentle to the skin and safe for babies

  • Can also be used on fruits & vegetables

  • Made from natural ingredients, it is mild, gentle and safe for babies.


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