Kodomo Bottle And Accessories Cleanser Bottle (Thailand) - 750ml

1953B Brand: Kodomo Category: Bottle Wash & Cleanser
  • 670.00 BDT
Sku 1953B
Brand Kodomo
Category Bottle Wash & Cleanser
Unit 1 (pcs)
Weight 0.80Kg
Variation No
Refundable Yes

Kodomo Bottle And Accessories Cleanser Bottle

Natural ingredients are good for cleaning bottles, nipples, toys, and infant items. Also good for fruits and vegetable washing.

  • Effectively removes bacteria, milk stain and odor in baby bottles, nipples, toys, and other infant accessories to maintain a high degree of cleanliness

  • Made from natural ingredients that are mild & gentle to the skin and safe for babies

  • Can also be used on fruits & vegetables

  • Made from natural ingredients, it is mild, gentle and safe for babies.

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